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  • Are Pet Water Fountains the Cure to Dehydration in Cats and Dogs?

    So what now? How did I even know it would be effective? I had to try it for myself. I knew there was no point in stocking a product which was ineffective in solving the problem it claimed to solve. So I ordered my very own to try out with Bruno. 
  • Spooky Eyeball Pumpkin Pupcakes

    Autumn is definitely the season for delicious, homely recipes filled with warmth and spice. That is exactly why I have come up with this ridiculously simple pup cake recipe which marries together my favourite autumn flavours with a cute and spooky Halloweeny twist. It is the season for candy apples and pumpkin pie, but what can we do when our pets get a little sweet tooth?
  • Are Treat Dispensing Toys Essential?

    So I’ve always loved treat dispensing toys because they’re so fun! I mean come on, who doesn’t wanna watch their furry friend excitedly chase after some treats? It’s also really entertaining and impressive seeing your pet complete a puzzle which you thought might just be too difficult for them. It’s kind of the perfect reminder of how intuitive and clever our pets really are. 

    However, my love for treat dispensing toys has skyrocketed since starting my own pet supplies company as I have since conducted my own research on the benefits behind these products and I am definitely impressed! Treat dispensing toys actually so important! I don’t know why it’s not spoken about more within the pet community.

  • Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Pets After COVID-19

    Most of us have been at home over the last few months chilling on the sofa or working home. This has meant that we and spending a lot more time with our pets, absolute bliss! Unfortunately but necessarily life has to go back to normal(ish) and we all have to head back to work or school. This may mean that you are left with a little less time on your hands for your furry friend. Of course this is understandable to us but for our pets this can be a super daunting experience.
  • Pet Safe Fruit Tart for Dogs and Cats

    This gorgeous little tart is inspired my our fruit tart pet bed. As soon as I found them I knew I just had to work out how to make Bruno a little fruit tart. I found these cute silicone cupcake cases and thought they would be perfect to create the ridges around the outside of the pie.
  • Icey Smoothie Bites for Teething Puppies

    Not only is this the most adorable thing we have ever made, it also went down an absolute treat with Bruno (even though hes not exactly a pup). These are perfect for teething puppies or hot dogs as they are nice and cold. If you want to know how to make them just keep reading:
  • Oatmeal Banana Dog Biscuits

    Okay so, remember our favourite Oatmeal Pet Head shampoo? I was washing Bruno after a long muddy walk and the scent of that delicious shampoo was making me want to bake so badly! So in light of that, I came up with these bite sized oaty banana dog cookies which were super fun and easy to make. 
  • Why All Dog and Cat Owners Need A Slow Feeding Bowl

    Us humans often still show signs of our innate primal instincts. One way this is often displayed through the caveman-like survival instinct which ...
  • Privacy For Your Pet?- Serving Your Pet's Primal Needs

    Don't you just hate that feeling of being crowded, overwhelmed or just straight up uncomfortable? So does your pet. As pet owners it is super important to recognise, respect and respond to your pet's feelings. Now, of course  this doesn't mean that you should feed them every time they enchant you with that sad look of despair, even though you just fed them 30 seconds ago. It just means that we should consider ways to make our pets feel safe and comfortable.
  • LickiMat Recipe- Sweet Potato and Coconut Rice Pudding

    This gorgeous pet treat recipe mirrors the flavour of the classic human desert- rice pudding, however it features an irresistible tropical twist. This delicious recipe is made from natural ingredients which are also safe for human consumption, in case you too are dying to try it!
  • LickiMat Recipes- Nutty Banana Smoothie

    So, you are looking for a guilt free treat which is not too calorific for your pet? Look no further. This recipe is packed full of fruit and veg which is sure to aid digestion, hydrate your pet and provide a source of fibre.

  • LickiMat Recipes- Smashed Sardine Pate

    Are you ready to learn how to make this luxurious yet simple two ingredient, pet safe sardine pate for your posh pet?