Are Pet Water Fountains the Cure to Dehydration in Cats and Dogs?

Hello Reigning Cats and Dogs Family,

It has been a little while since my last blog post. Today I want to throw it back a little and talk about the product which started this journey. When starting my little business, I knew from the jump that I wanted it to revolve around pets because like most dog mums, my dog Bruno is my favorite thing in this world. Another thing that was really important to me was finding products which were not only functional and useful, but also caught my excitement for being innovative and original. When choosing products for my website launch, I stumbled across my golden product... the pet water fountain

At first I sat back and thought, what an adorable little gimmick to make your pet station look a little fancy - essentially I thought I had found an unnecessary but fun item. Unfortunately though, this didn't really satisfy me. As cute as it was, there's no way that I would bother getting Bruno a fountain just to watch it bubble away next to his food bowl, so why would I expect my customers to do the same? I decided to do a little research and investigation into this product to find out what it really did.

Not only did I research the product's claims itself, I also spent time researching how prevalent of an issue dehydration is in pets. My findings concluded that it is a common issue in both dogs and cats which can be the start of a spiral into poor mental and physical health in pets. For instance, it can cause serious and even fatal tummy and digestion problems or can trigger lethargy and depression. Suddenly this little gimmick seemed to be a solution to a much more serious problem than I had initially assumed.

So what now? How did I even know it would be effective? I had to try it for myself. I knew there was no point in stocking a product which was ineffective in solving the problem it claimed to solve. So I ordered my very own to try out with Bruno. 

The item arrived and to be totally honest, I was so excited to see it up and running, it was so well made and discrete that I thought it would make an excellent feature in Bruno's room. (That's just what we call the utility room, he's not THAT much of a diva)! 

I then introduced Bruno to the fountain and to my surprise he was immediately trying to get stuck in. I was honestly very impressed as usually we have to encourage Bruno to drink water by adding it to his meals or placing frozen peas in his water bowl (cheap and effective life hack), but there he was, gulping away. So, I can confirm, like all of our products, it is Bruno approved. When starting this business I decided that if I wasn't comfortable offering an item to Bruno, I simply wouldn't stock it. Not only did Bruno love it, this fountain had solved the problem at hand. As Bruno is a short nosed dog (Frenchie), we found it was helpful to remove the daisy feature so he could fit his face a little further in.

Whilst working with this product I have discovered so many other benefits which are also worth mentioning. First of all it is such amazing quality, the stainless steel dish which the water flows into prevents rust and mould from developing (a feature which isn't present in many of the fountains available on Amazon). It comes with a mini cleaning kit and is so incredibly easy to clean. It is also super versatile and the fountain can flow in 3 unique ways, this can be great for aesthetic purposed but actually in our case it transformed the functionality of the product and made it even better suited to Bruno (as mentioned before, we removed the daisy accessory and left it of free flow mode).

Another great thing about this fountain is that it is built with convenience in mind. It has a 2.4 litre capacity and has a recirculating system which cleans and filters the water to keep it clean which ultimately means I don't have to worry about refilling Bruno's water as often as before and the filter only needs to be changed once a month. A year after starting this business, I honestly still love this product and hope that those of you who have already purchased one love yours too! Since starting Reigning Cats and Dogs, this product has sold like hot cakes, making it one of out top 3 best sellers!

Thanks for all your continuous love and support, 



Just a little note in response to the question "I could get this off of amazon, why should I buy from you". Essentially my answer comes down to ethics. Of course you can choose to purchase your item wherever you please, however giving a business your hard earned money is equal to supporting a business and the effects this business has on the world. By supporting small businesses, you contribute to:

  • Putting money back in to local communities
  • Supporting someone's dream
  • Supporting ethical trading
  • Motivating small business owners
  • Often funding education or a change in lifestyle for a private individual
  • Creating a small community 

and many more amazing effects. 


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