LickiMat Recipes- Fruit Burst Chia Bowl

This insta-worthy recipe is the perfect acacia bowl inspo for both you and your pet. It features some interesting super-food ingredients which are sure to go down a treat.

I always like to add this little disclaimer to the start of these recipes to help inform new pet owners. Although these ingredients are pet safe, it does not necessarily mean that your pet will react well to all foods. It is important to know your pet and its breed well because just like humans it is possible for pets to have allergies and intolerance. For example, some really common ingredients used in pet foods include chicken and salmon, however my little French Bulldog is intolerant to both. Just be cautious and aware of how your pet reacts to different foods.

Chia is a super cool ingredient which health fanatics have glorified over the last few years. This is for good reason too as chia seeds are loaded with omega-3 and fatty acids. If you have taken a look at our other posts, you will know that we love to use a little coconut due to the multitude of benefits it offers our pets including its conditioning and softening properties.

The fruit which have been selected for this recipe are all full of fibre which is brilliant for digestion. I am super excited about this recipe as it features blueberries, my dog's absolute favourite snack. We love to offer him blueberries as they have amazing antioxidant properties as well being vitamin rich. Kiwi fruit is also a brilliant fruit for these same reasons. Another brilliant and healthy fruit for your pet... strawberries, I can just imagine my pup drooling over these luscious berries and I am just as happy to offer them to him as he is to receive them thanks to their rich and healthy qualities. Your pet will surely reap the benefits of this healthy treat.

This recipe should be enough to make enough filler for around two LickiMats or... one LickiMat and a bowl for yourself. Yep, that's right, you can enjoy this recipe too. The LickiMat Buddy, is the perfect partner to this recipe however but you could also use the Playdate. For summer this could also make a great frozen treat. 

2 tablespoons chia seeds
150ml of coconut milk
1 Kiwi fruit peeled
2 strawberries (green bit removed)
1 tablespoon blueberries (fresh or frozen)
1 tablespoon pure peanut butter (optional)
2 teaspoons pure honey (optional, you should not feed your pet more than a teaspoon of honey per day)

Begin this recipe the night before you are ready to give it to your pet by soak in the chia seeds in the coconut milk overnight or for at least eight hours. This should make a delicious creamy pudding. After you have taken this step, blend the remaining ingredients until it reaches a smooth texture. To complete this pet safe recipe by stirring together the fruit blend with chia and coconut pudding. Finally, just scoop a portion of this mixture onto LickiMat and spread it evenly across the mat.

To make this recipe picture perfect, why not dress it up a little with some additional fruits and serve it up to your pampered pet. This is recipe is so good, if you shut your eyes, you and your pet may just believe that you are posted up inside an LA smoothie bar.

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