Pet Safe Fruit Tart for Dogs and Cats

Today we have another tasty little recipe which I came up with from scratch. Our recipes are always pet safe, however, make sure you know what foods your pet does and doesn’t respond well to. Just like humans, bets can have allergies too!

This gorgeous little tart is inspired my our fruit tart pet bed. As soon as I found them I knew I just had to work out how to make Bruno a little fruit tart. I found these cute silicone cupcake cases and thought they would be perfect to create the ridges around the outside of the pie.

To start off I want to mention that you can absolutely follow our recipe step by step but you are also totally free to decorate however you want. Get creative with your pet safe toppings!

For the base all you need is:

  • 3/4 cup of oats- blend them up to make an oaty flour
  • One mashed banana
  • A generous dollop of coconut oil

Mix these three ingredients to make your crust. 

I managed to make 3 tarts out of this mixture. I rolled the dough into balls and pushed them into our silicone moulds. Once in the moulds we followed a “thumb pot” type of motion which allowed us to hollow out the centre and create a nice crust. (Tip: try not to make the sides too thin as it is likely to crack, crumble and become way too dry in the oven).

Now you have done that, pop them in the oven (180° fan for 8 mins). While I waited I created a little decorating station: Blueberries, thinly sliced banana and some heart shaped dog treats. We also melted a dollop of coconut oil with a dollop of organic peanut butter which we used as our filling. Another idea for a filling could be some mashed up strawberries or blueberries to make some pet friendly ‘jam’. The reason I chose the PB and coconut oil filling is because when placed in the fridge, it should harden creating this really creamy, long lasting treat. 

Once the tarts were out the oven I peeled off the silicone mould and spooned in the filling. After, I decorated with our toppings and served it up to our greedy pup!


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