Why All Dog and Cat Owners Need A Slow Feeding Bowl

Us humans often still show signs of our innate primal instincts. One way this is often displayed through the caveman-like survival instinct which causes us to eat too much food way too fast. This means that many of us suffer with a negative relationship with food. The tendency to wolf down our food is a habit that we unfortunately share with our furry friends. If you have a phone or laptop (which is currently allowing you to read this little blog), you and your pet probably also have a plentiful supply of food.

Although this philosophy is easy enough for you and me to understand, it is a little more difficult to get your cat or dog to simply slow it down a little. Because of this, it is common for cats and dogs suffer with side effects such as: obesity, indigestion, stomach pains, choking, regurgitation and bloating to name a few. An even more serious health problem which may arise due to eating too fast is Gastritis, a health problem which can cause severe pain, discomfort, behavioural changes and aggression in pets. Slow feeding is the solution to these problems.

Innovators in the pet product world have designed bowls to meet the specific purpose of slowing down your pets when they have their meals or snack on their treats. Just as the Japanese practice eating mindfully, with a slow feeding bowl so will your pet. The slow feeding bowl seeks to stimulate and playfully challenge your pet with its raised texture which creates little crevasses for food to fall between. Just like that, your pet will have to take a little more time when eating. We stock two types of slow feeding bowls, the first is the traditional slow feeding bowl which does exactly what I just described, a simple product, a simple solution.

Now, the second type of slow feeding product we stock is the Australian LickiMat. This wonderous product is a cross between a simple flat treat mat and a traditional slow feeding bowl. The flat silicone surface is perfect for spreading or sprinkling treats or meals on to whilst the raised and textured design serves to hold pockets of food for your pet to discover. With a LickiMat, a little food goes a long way making your pet’s meals last. Your pet will finally taste their food instead of swallowing huge unpleasant chunks. We stock a range of colours, sizes and models which are suitable for cats and dogs and are sure to become your pet’s new best friends. If you already have a lickimat or want some inspo, check out our other blogs where we have published informative, step by step recipes which are compatible with LickiMats.

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