Oatmeal Banana Dog Biscuits

Okay so, remember our favourite Oatmeal Pet Head shampoo? I was washing Bruno after a long muddy walk and the scent of that delicious shampoo was making me want to bake so badly! So in light of that, I came up with these bite sized oaty banana dog cookies which were super fun and easy to make. 
The ingredients we used were:
- A cup of oats
- A squeeze of organic honey
- A large tablespoon dollop of natural peanut butter
- One ripe banana
If you want to recreate these tasty little treats then all you have to do is:
  • Get the oven on to 180 degrees (with fan).
  • Blend the cup of oats into a flower like consistency. (Not all of it though! Keep a little of it to one side for sprinkling on the your table top in a bit).
  • In a bowl mash up one banana, add a large dollop of natural peanut butter and a generous squeeze of honey.
  • Combine all of this with the oat flower either by stirring or blending depending your desired consistency. We wanted them to be a little more smooth so we chose to blitz it up in a blender.
  • Sprinkle the remaining flower onto your counter and roll out your cookie mix, now, with any cutter you choose: cut up all your little cookies into your desired size and shape.
  • Now stick them in the oven. As we used a shot glass, we found that 7 mins was absolutely plenty for our cookies, however if your cookies are a little bigger you may want to leave them in for up to 10 mins.
And voila! You have some delicious oatmeal cookies for your pet to enjoy.

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