Icey Smoothie Bites for Teething Puppies

Not only is this the most adorable thing we have ever made, it also went down an absolute treat with Bruno (even though hes not exactly a pup). These are perfect for teething puppies or hot dogs as they are nice and cold. If you want to know how to make them just keep reading:

All you need to do is blend a cup of water, one banana, 5 strawberries and a large dollop of peanut butter until you get a thin, pour-able consistency. if it's too thick just add a little more water.

Once you've done that simply pour them into some silicone chocolate mould

s and stick them in freezer!

Got any left over? Why not make matching ice lollies for yourself!

Another way to soothe teething pups and their sore gums is to invest in a teething toy, specifically designed to meet this purpose.

This Nylabone XS Bacon Flavoured Puppy Pacifier will make the perfect dental toy for your little pup. In our humble opinion, Nylabone is the best when it comes to providing products which will tackle the nightmare of puppy teething. This toy built to fulfil that very purpose as it's flexible material is soft, soothing and comforting to growing teeth.

The bacon flavour and scent of this toy will make it far more inciting to your inquisitive puppy than your pillows and furniture, helping them to develop non-destructive chewing and playing habits from a young age which will benefit you for years to come. 

Occupying their own time with this chewy toy will also introduce a sense of independence to your pup's daily routine so that they do not develop hyper-dependency and can fill their time both playfully and non-destructively. This can be a great foundation to lay in order to avoid facing problems such as separation anxiety as they grow a little older.

Looking after and cleaning your dog's teeth should be a part of your grooming routine even when they are little puppies. Toys like this are perfect for oral care, reducing build up of plaque and tartar which will improve your dogs dental health. Sore gums can be really uncomfortable for your dog which can cause them to develop destructive bad habits, such as chewing and biting thing which you many not want them to be biting, for example the leg of that vintage chair in your living room. This is also a guilt free way to allow your dog to taste the delicious flavour of bacon. Usually this would be a treat which is high in saturated fat which might mean you should limit the amount you allow your dog to eat. With this chewy little toy, your dog will be able to chew away with no negative repercussions upon their health. Introducing a toy which is as attractive as this to your puppy make it a no brainier. I mean, would you rather chomp on a bit of old wood or chow down on some tasty bacon?

When your puppy's teeth are really sore you could try placing this toy in the fridge or freezer in order to offer some soothing relief. 


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