Privacy For Your Pet?- Serving Your Pet's Primal Needs

Don't you just hate that feeling of being crowded, overwhelmed or just straight up uncomfortable? So does your pet. As pet owners it is super important to recognise, respect and respond to your pet's feelings. Now, of course  this doesn't mean that you should feed them every time they enchant you with that sad look of despair, even though you just fed them 30 seconds ago. It just means that we should consider ways to make our pets feel safe and comfortable.

Unfortunately most of us are not exactly fluent in the language of cats and dogs but most of us are pretty capable of reading body language, in this way, we are able to communicate with out pets. The ability to interpret actions, reactions and body language, are all primal and innate skills which we share with our pets.

Just like you and me, pets have a sense of their own personal space and can really benefit from some peace and quiet. As a pet owner, it is important to create an effective space within your home for your pet to enjoy this, just like us, pets like to feel in control. Once you have created this space you can effectively respect it by keeping it quiet, not invading it or dragging your pet out from within it unnecessarily. Our Cozy Cat Bed with Tunnel offers cats the opportunity to decide just how sociable they are feeling, if they disappear within the tunnel you will know they just want a little me time, alternatively they could choose to lay between the cozy sheltered day bed which will allow them to watch you whilst simultaneously keeping a little distance.

Having a cozy personal space will introduce a sense of stability and safety to your pet which will be sure to relax symptoms of pet anxiety which is a very common issue among cats and dogs. Both social anxiety and separation anxiety are the most common forms of anxiety in cats and dogs, having a sense of security and space is sure to sooth these feelings. These little pet haven's may also serve to make your pet more socially acclimated as you are offering them the opportunity to make the first move when it comes to social interaction.

Just as your house is your home, it is also your pet's home too so even though you may enjoy having drinks with your girlfriends in the living room, your pet may prefer to sit this one out. In this case it is best that they have a little space of their own to go to when seeing a little refuge. You can help your pet to get used to their new space and recognise it as their own by adding their toy's and blankets which will contain comforting scents. Our Luxury Cat Bed with Ball and Scratcher can be super fun for this purpose as it offers opportunity for playfulness, curiosity, privacy and sleep.

Another interesting way to respect your pet's right to their own space is to introduce a day bed or even multiple beds dotted around the different rooms you use within a day. This will function to allow them to find a sense of space in any room whilst also being able to interact with you and follow you around. Our Comforting Luxury Pet Bed is perfect for this purpose as it creates a cozy snooze spot for your pet.


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