Spooky Eyeball Pumpkin Pupcakes

Autumn is definitely the season for delicious, homely recipes filled with warmth and spice. That is exactly why I have come up with this ridiculously simple pup cake recipe which marries together my favourite autumn flavours with a cute and spooky Halloweeny twist. It is the season for candy apples and pumpkin pie, but what can we do when our pets get a little sweet tooth?


I'd like to begin this post with a little disclaimer: this 'recipe' is not a clean and polished Betty Crocker style recipe, nor are these cakes a culinary masterpiece. Instead, they are made with love and are an experiment as I play with ingredients that Bruno already knows and loves. Personally, I think they turned out amazing and they went down an absolute treat (if I do say so myself). I would also like to mention an ingredient which I have chosen not to include in today's recipe: cinnamon. Now, although in past posts I have included a sprinkle of cinnamon as a healthy ingredient to give the recipe a little spice and flavour, today I made these treats with Bruno and Bruno alone in mind. I went to add a little sprinkle and found myself thinking 'he just doesn't need it'. First of all, I am not entirely convinced that his pallet is mature enough to enjoy the sophisticated notes of cinnamon (I came to this conclusion after watching him merrily chomp on some bird poo in the park). Another reason I chose to avoid this ingredient was on account of him being a little Frenchie. French Bulldogs are notorious for their sensitive stomachs and I wanted to make a healthy treat that wouldn’t risk a belly ache afterwards. I have come to the conclusion that the less ingredients I use, the better it is for Bruno. Nutritionists use the same principle when discussing the breakdown of human foods too! So basically, my point its- add it or don’t! Make sure you know your pet and what their tummy can handle and create your own treat with this in mind.



So, to start with I chopped a quarter of a small pumpkin into some small cubes. I then did the same with half of an apple. A chucked these into a smoothie blender with about 1/3 of a cup of blended oats. To top it off I chucked in 2 small eggs and blended it all up. It came out in a perfect cake batter like texture. (If yours is a little runny just add a little more blended oats). I then spooned the mixture into some silicone cupcake holders (about 14) I only put a little in each case and chose not to use any raising agents because I wanted them to be small, flat and almost bite sized. I put them in the oven for about 15 minutes. When I took them out, I let them cool for a few minutes before spreading a teaspoon of plain Greek yoghurt across the top of the pup-cake. To finish them off I popped a single blueberry on each and voila! The spooky eyeball treats are complete!

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