Are Treat Dispensing Toys Essential?

So I’ve always loved treat dispensing toys because they’re so fun! I mean come on, who doesn’t wanna watch their furry friend excitedly chase after some treats? It’s also really entertaining and impressive seeing your pet complete a puzzle which you thought might just be too difficult for them. It’s kind of the perfect reminder of how intuitive and clever our pets really are. 


However, my love for treat dispensing toys has skyrocketed since starting my own pet supplies company as I have since conducted my own research on the benefits behind these products and I am definitely impressed! Treat dispensing toys actually so important! I don’t know why it’s not spoken about more within the pet community.


First of all they can be great at contributing to slow feeding. After reading my other blogs I’m sure you will understand why this is super important for your pet’s health and well being. Though these are ‘treat’ dispensing, you can in theory  put your pets dry food into slow feeding toys in order to stagger meals. Doing so can enrich pet’s whilst preventing over feeding and indigestion. 


On top of this however, there is a huge behavioural reward. Sometimes it can be so hard to say no to our fur babies as they look up at us and beg like doe-eyed angels. On the other hand our conscience reminds us that it is also so important to establish discipline, authority and hierarchy in order to foster a positive relationship with your pet. 


Treat dispensing toys allow you to overcome these conflicting interests with ease. This is because they playfully reinforce the relationship between treat and reward, (after all, this is what treats are for). Treats should be given to pets as a reward for good behaviour however, we can definitely forgive the occasional slip, a cheeky chunk of sausage sliding off the chopping board. We wont tell if you don’t!


Having said that, it is still important that for the most part your pet knows why they’re receiving food outside of their mealtimes. With a treat dispensing toy your pet literally has to work to receive the treat. This is enriching and will establish the idea of having to earn treats rather than being entitled to them.


So, when you’re feeling generous don’t just dump a pile of food in front of your pet. Instead, why not try out a treat dispensing toy? Pets absolutely love them: guilt free pet care at its finest!


But wait, which toy do we go for? There are so many on the market and they all look so different.

For cats we recommend the Catit Treat Dispensing Toy. Its sleek design ensures that it skids across the floor at the touch of your cats paw for endless fun.


For dogs I guess I would say it depends on the dog. If your dog hasn’t had a treat dispensing toy before and is a little bit of a newbie to puzzle toys, we actually really recommend starting with the Kong Gyro not only is it super fun and entertaining, it is also the perfect way to introduce your dog to slow feeding.


I've heard some pet owners proudly claim that their pets are too smart for these toys. To that we say “bring on the Tug-A-Jug”. This toy is one of the best treat dispensing toys for small treats and clever dogs as it is a little more challenging than other treat dispensing toys. Your pet will roll, shake and tug the bottle ensuring that the fun wont stop for hours on end.

I hope you learned something new today and have the same new found appreciation for treat dispensing toys as I now have. Check out our range of fun and interesting pet products today!

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