Daisy Fountain Filters 12 Pack
Daisy Fountain Filters 12 Pack
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Daisy Fountain Filters 12 Pack

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These activated carbon filters are compatible with our Electric Daisy Pet Water Fountain.

We are all becoming a little more conscientious of our impact on the environment, attempting to avoid unnecessary waste. By frequently changing the filter in your fountain you will ensure that the water your pets drink will remain clean and hygienic as the water recirculates and filters through the system. It will also mean that you can avoid unnecessarily changing the water supply before it has run out. 

12 filters is equivalent to a years supply of water filters for your pet fountain as it is likely you will need to exchange filter pads once a month.

Information on our Electric Daisy Water Fountain:

Dehydration is a massive and frustrating problem among dogs and cats which can have horrible effects such as tummy problems or even lethargy and depression.
It can be hard to get your pet to drink water even when they seem dehydrated or out of breath. As we all know a little too well, sometimes our pet will simply do what they want when they want. This makes it a little hard to convince them to put their health first. I mean, who would choose to stop and take a sip when the world is one big playground? 
Drinking water is now exciting and adorable! This fun electric water fountain eases this problem as drinking water becomes more enticing, interesting and playful to pets. After all, pets love to play.

  • Recirculating system with filtration to ensure water is clean and does not go to waste. 
  • Silent design means that the fountain can be kept in your pet's sleeping quarters without disturbing their sleep.
  • Comes with 3 disposable carton filters which filters, deodorise and purifies.
  • Suitable for dogs, cats and even birds. 
  • Features a blue LED which makes it easy to see water levels.
  • Comes with cleaning sponge whilst stainless steel surface is easy to clean. 
  • 2.4 litre capacity and circular design means this device can be shared between multiple pets and does not need to be frequently refilled.
  • Daisy head attachment can be adjusted or removed to provide different water flow aesthetics.