Catit Fresh and Clear Fountain Replacement Filters 3 Pck
Catit Fresh and Clear Fountain Replacement Filters 3 Pck
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Catit Fresh and Clear Fountain Replacement Filters 3 Pck

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Catit Fresh and Clear Fountain Replacement 3 Pack of Filters are compatible with our Catit Fountain.

We are all becoming a little more conscientious of our impact on the environment, attempting to avoid unnecessary waste. By frequently changing the filter in your fountain you will ensure that the water your pets drink will remain clean and hygienic as the water recirculates and filters through the system. It will also mean that you can avoid unnecessarily changing the water supply before it has run out. 

It is likely you will need to exchange filter pads once a month depending on your frequency of use.

Information on the Catit Fresh and Clear Fountain:

Dehydration is a massive and frustrating problem among dogs and cats which can have horrible effects such as tummy problems or even lethargy and depression.

It can be hard to get your pet to drink water even when they seem dehydrated or out of breath. As we all know a little too well, sometimes our pet will simply do what they want when they want. This makes it a little hard to convince them to put their health first. I mean, who would choose to stop and take a sip when the world is one big playground?


Drinking water is now exciting and adorable! This fun electric water fountain eases this problem as drinking water becomes more enticing, interesting and playful to pets. After all, pets love to play. Pets are proven to be more attracted to moving water, motivating them to drink more.

The Catit Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain With Food Bowl responds to your pet's needs by dispensing a continuous, flowing supply of fresh and clean drinking water. Re-circulating water with greater exposure to oxygen provides fresh-tasting, cool filtered water for pets with a multitude of health benefits. 

Multi-surface drinking areas allow your pet to drink from the bowl or directly from the dome. The drinking Fountain's 3L water capacity paired with it's re-circulation system ensures that continuous fresh water is always available, and eliminates the need for daily refilling.

Its safe, 12V low-voltage system is energy-efficient, consuming less than 4 watts. 

The replaceable purifying filter collects food, hair and debris Helps to reduce bad tastes, odours, and absorbs impurities present in tap water. The cord guard prevents contact with water and damage from chewing by pets.

The re-circulating flow eliminates stagnant water whilst the large surface areas adds oxygen to water for fresher. This product is the ultimate pet eating and drinking station.

This product features a detachable AC Adaptor, convenient dome handle and includes food bowl as free bonus.

This specific fountain is appropriate for cats and small to medium sized dogs and is perfect for homes with multiple pets. Alternatively, if you think your pet would prefer a different style, why not check out our other products. We also offer a Dog Mate fountain for medium to large dogs and a Daisy water fountain which is perfect for all cats and small to medium dogs.