About Us

Reigning Cats and Dogs is here to provide superior pet care for your superior pets.

My own passion for pet care blossomed as I found myself scouring the internet for hours in order to find useful, problem solving products for my very own pampered pooch: Bruno, a cheeky little French Bulldog. 

Learning what is best for your pet is always a work in progress. Although the internet is an amazing realm, it is easy to feel bombarded with information and stuck on what to do. To overcome this dilemma and put your mind at ease, our blogs and product descriptions are informative and well researched to explain how our products will help you solve your pet problems.

Playfulness is absolutely central to our brand as we are inspired by the fun loving nature of our pets. Reigning Cats and Dogs are on a mission to reflect this same attitude into everything we do.

We prioritise the safety and satisfaction of your pet. As animal lovers ourselves, we understand the importance of your pet's well being to you. Because of this we simply do not stock items which may be harmful or uncomfortable for your pet.

We believe that your pet deserves access to the finest products, which is why all of our own products are selected after extensive research, in order to insure that our inventory is always effective, high quality, safe and fun.

With Love,

Reigning Cats & Dogs X