Happy Pet Moggy Cat Scratcher with Catnip

Happy Pet Moggy Cat Scratcher with Catnip

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In a funny way this Happy Pet Moggy Cat Scratcher makes me reminisce of the wooden toys from my childhood. This light coloured wood paired with the bright colours of the ball, definitely make me feel a little nostalgic. When I saw this cat shaped 2-in-1 toy, I just knew that we had to get it in stock as I fell in love with the gorgeous design and couldn't wait to see if the cats love it just as much as I do. At a time where technology is taking over, its kind of amazing to have simple little toys like this which bring so much joy and excitement without all the faff of batteries and wires and plugs.

This adorable scratching pad comes with a little sachet of catnip for optional use. Simply scatter a little into the cardboard crevasses and watch your cat's delight. As a pet owner you may already know about catnip but for those that don't: catnip is a herb from the mint family which contains a substance called  nepetalactone. Cats have super sensitive receptors to this substance making them excited or even comforted by it. Of course there are some cats and owners who don't like it so much so its up to you to decide if you want to give it a go. Know yourself and your cat well. Having said this, catnip toys are one of the most popular cat toy's among pet owners and can be an easy way to encourage your cat to scratch away.

Treat your cat to our Happy Pet Moggy Cat Scratcher with Catnip. This scratching pad is great because:

  • It features a thick cardboard pad for scratching, this is important as scratching toys help cats to develop non- destructive habits and provide a place for them to make a little mess and polish up those claws, without them doing the same to your favourite furniture.
  • Helps keep claws trimmed and neat, groom while playing.
  • Pad can be turned over once one side is worn making it last longer.
  • Sachet of catnip included, simply scatter over the cardboard.
  • The cute, interactive design encourages fun, play and exercise.
  • The perfect boredom buster for cats.
  • Balls contain bells which ring when pushed and rolled for added entertainment, they run through the glossy channel at the touch of your cat's paw.
  • Eco friendly materials allow for an environmentally friendly disposal as they are widely recyclable, contributing to sustainable living.