Happy Birthday Dog Bundle
Happy Birthday Dog Bundle
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Happy Birthday Dog Bundle

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This Bundle makes the perfect birthday present for any dog. It includes:

Woof and Brew Champaws:

Celebrate any occasion in style with this classy Woof & Brew ChamPaws Bubble & Squeak Gift Set Box. The perfect present for any pampered pooch. This set features a delicious bottle of luxurious ChamPaws which is a delicious and pet safe drink and a limited edition super squeaky bone toy for dogs which will arrive in a random unisex colour. It is a fun, novelty gift which will bring joy to both the pet and their owner. Looking for a cool and interesting present for a special fur baby? This luxury gift is perfect for all occasions: birthdays, holidays or even just to show them how much you love them.

  • This treat drink is non-alcoholic, non-carbonated and grape free to ensure that it is pet friendly.
  • This 100% natural herbal infusion is packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.
  • Created with veterinary experts
  • Taste-tested by a four-legged panel

Busy Buddy Bristle Bone

This medium Busy Buddy Bristle Bone is the ultimate chew toy, with three unique chewing surfaces. The bone shape allows your pet to balance and rest their paws upon their surface, giving them better access to the textured rings. It comes with three sets of replaceable gnaw-hide (raw hide) treat rings to ensure that the fun never stops. Just simply unscrew to load and clean. It is also dishwasher safe. This toy is the perfect investment piece for your dog's toy box as it lasts forever unlike fully edible dog dental toys. It is durable and safe to chew. It is also more hygienic as you can clean this item in between changing treat rings. 

This multi-texture bone is the perfect dental grooming toy and is ideal for strong chewers thanks to its inciting flavour, rubber nibs and nylon bristles. The nylon bristles work exactly like a toothbrush but at least with this you wont have to wrestle your dog to sit still, instead your dog can play freely whilst polishing up those pearly canines. This will be sure to eradicate bad breath and improve oral health.

The soft rubber nibs are entertaining and interesting for your dog and are expertly designed to stimulate gums. Not only is it great for occupying your dog as the perfect boredom buster, it effectively removes build up of plaque and tartar in order to improve your dog's overall dental hygiene. This toy is also mentally stimulating  and enriching which will make sure that your dog is entertained for hours on end. We recommend this product for dogs over the age of 6 months. The medium sized bone is best suited to dogs that weigh around 25-50 pounds.

 Refills Size B

KONG Flipz:

This KONG Treat Dispensing Flipz Toy for dogs encourages play, satisfying instinctual needs for foraging and chasing. It is a durable, easy-clean puzzle toy which offers long lasting mental enrichment. It pops up and over as your dog taps and pushes the toy, dispensing treats such as kibble and other dry treats as it flips and wobbles. The unpredictable direction and actions caused by the toy’s unique flower-like shape and its squeaky features, means that your dog’s attention will surely by captivated for hours on end. It’s durable nature makes it perfect for dogs of all shapes and sizes. It features a removable, easy fill, mess free container. KONG is renowned for their skill in crafting the best toys for dogs and our absolute favourite out of their array of products just has to be this one. To be honest, we love treating our dogs just as much as they love being treated but it is easy to forget that treats must be associated with reward. (Even though it is definitely okay to commend your dog's amazing, good looks with a tasty treat every once in a while). Treat dispensing toys are perfect for maintaining the relationship between treat and reward as in order to receive the treat, your dog must complete the puzzle of the game first.

At Reigning Cats and Dogs, slow feeding has become one of our most valued practices, after seeing the benefits on my own little Frenchie, Bruno. Indigestion and overfeeding your pet can lead to smaller issues such as lethargy and tummy pain but can quickly spiral into far more fatal consequences. It is incredible how such a small change in your dogs routine can change their life and better their health. Slow feeding works as these products help to slow down your pet's meal times which can help you to portion more appropriately and stops them from facing indigestion during and after meal or snack times.

  • Entertaining roll and flip action- interactive and stimulating
  • Dispenses food and treats- treat as a reward
  • Ideal for independent play- long lasting fun

Grinz Ball:

This Grinz ball marries together novelty and practicality into one fun little product. Say Cheeeeeseee!
  • Fetch and bounce with this rubbery ball.
  • Float thanks to it's waterproof design.
  • Treat your pup with as the back of this ball features a gap perfect for stuffing full of tasty treats such as peanut butter or kibble.