KONG Dog Favorites Bundle

KONG Dog Favorites Bundle

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These KONG Dog Favorites will make a great addition to your dog's toy collection. This bundle includes:

KONG Rope Squeezz:

The KONG Rope Squeezz is a durable rope and ball toy with a convenient handle for you to grip on to whilst your dog tugs at the ball on the other end. This toy comes in a range of colours and is great for both indoor and outdoor play as it is easy to clean.

These vibrant little tug toys are so much fun and they are right up Bruno's street. The ball on the end is great for medium to large dogs to get a good grip on and the comfy handle means you can put up a good fight too. Tug of war is my fur baby's favorite game and I'm sure that yours will enjoy it too!

It is always good to offer your pet ways to release energy that are non-destructive. This toy is great for dogs that like to play a little rough and can help overcome negative behaviour through channeling this energy into fun and enriching play.

KONG Bounzer:

The Medium KONG Bounzer is a fun way to fetch and play in the classic KONG silhouette shape. It is made in a durable, chewable material as it compresses and squashes as your dog chews and chucks the toy around. It is rubbery and super easy to clean which is perfect for the droolers. This toy comes with a neat handle so you can join in on all the fun with your furry friend. If you want a toy which can bounce, roll, jump, squish and squash, the KONG Bounzer is the perfect toy for you!

KONG Flipz:

This KONG Treat Dispensing Flipz Toy for dogs encourages play, satisfying instinctual needs for foraging and chasing. It is a durable, easy-clean puzzle toy which offers long lasting mental enrichment. It pops up and over as your dog taps and pushes the toy, dispensing treats such as kibble and other dry treats as it flips and wobbles. The unpredictable direction and actions caused by the toy’s unique flower-like shape and its squeaky features, means that your dog’s attention will surely by captivated for hours on end. It’s durable nature makes it perfect for dogs of all shapes and sizes. It features a removable, easy fill, mess free container. KONG is renowned for their skill in crafting the best toys for dogs and our absolute favourite out of their array of products just has to be this one. To be honest, we love treating our dogs just as much as they love being treated but it is easy to forget that treats must be associated with reward. (Even though it is definitely okay to commend your dog's amazing, good looks with a tasty treat every once in a while). Treat dispensing toys are perfect for maintaining the relationship between treat and reward as in order to receive the treat, your dog must complete the puzzle of the game first.

At Reigning Cats and Dogs, slow feeding has become one of our most valued practices, after seeing the benefits on my own little Frenchie, Bruno. Indigestion and overfeeding your pet can lead to smaller issues such as lethargy and tummy pain but can quickly spiral into far more fatal consequences. It is incredible how such a small change in your dogs routine can change their life and better their health. Slow feeding works as these products help to slow down your pet's meal times which can help you to portion more appropriately and stops them from facing indigestion during and after meal or snack times.

  • Entertaining roll and flip action- interactive and stimulating
  • Dispenses food and treats- treat as a reward
  • Ideal for independent play- long lasting fun